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March 11, 2011

Google's Navigation Bar Links to Your Google Profile

Google's new navigation bar started to link to the profile pages. Click on your name at the top of a Google page and you'll notice that you can quickly access your profile. If you don't have a profile, Google includes a link to a page that lets you create an account.

Another change is that Google Profiles include a new tab for Picasa Web Albums, but it's not enabled by default and it's not available if you don't link your Google Profile with Picasa Web. "Your profile and scrapbook photos already make it easier for people to get to know you, but we want to do more to help you showcase your favorite pics. By choosing to show the PicasaWeb tab, you will enable visitors to see your public albums. Private albums will remain visible to only the people you've shared them with directly."

{ Thanks, Stefan. }


  1. It's all falling into place... looks like Google Me is essentially already here, they are just polishing it.

    Now Google needs to get all those Gmail users to actually create a profile - can't think of many people I know who have.

  2. This is pointless for Google Apps account. When click on the link the following message appears:
    "This service is not available"
    Profiles is not available for Google Apps account.

  3. i hope navbar for blogger regenareted too...xixixi
    si bloglang ganteng kalem tea \m/

  4. An a other bit drops into place.

    Anyone think Google may use its Groupon rival to encourage people to set up there profiles and to add friends to Google profile or perhaps offer a free Android or Iphone apps for setting up a Google profile and linking it with buzz and other Google services.

  5. Google friends suggestions on Buzz could do with a bit of work.

    So far all the people there seem completely random.

  6. It's worked with Google Apps accounts.
    This update's so convenient to access quickly my Google profile page.
    Thanks Google.

  7. I hope these new look profiles integrate with YouTube before too long


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