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April 13, 2011

Google Highlights Recent Image Search Results

Google started to index images a lot faster and it now even highlights recent results by showing a small label like "1 day ago" or "22 hours ago" below the image. You can't yet restrict the results to recent images, but I'm sure that this feature will be available in the near future.

Here's an example of a query that returns many recent results. It's easy to notice that not all the results are from news sites, so the images aren't from Google News.


  1. This will mostly use when there will be any natural calamity happens in any part of the world and people want to see its latest footage!

  2. Well, can't say it's awesome, but some benefits would still come. Of course they do know their job better than i do, so everything i can is just to trust them ;) Good job, Google.

  3. Thats great update from you about Google indexing images. Google is doing good work in these days.. I love this article as it is well written, thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes but how do we make the IMG tag show the image, and appear in the beginning of the url in the search results?


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