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April 30, 2011

Google's New Link for Bypassing Country Redirects

Google has always displayed a link on the homepage that bypassed country redirects: " in English" or "Go to", depending on the language. The link sent users to (ncr=no country redirect), the pure flavor of Google that has all the new features and it's not biased towards the pages from a certain country.

Now the link to is also displayed below the search box so you can check the search results for the same query at It's an useful feature, but Google also changes a cookie value and users are no longer redirected to the country-specific domain. Maybe a toggle link similar to the link to iGoogle and the classic homepage would be more useful.

{ Thanks, Arpit. }


  1. Yhay ! What a news ;) !

  2. I want my Google-account to be permanently linked to a certain language :(

  3. I live in France but I want to use from the search bar in Chromium. Presumably the answer is "you can't".


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