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April 6, 2011

Google's Tilted Easter Egg

If you search for [tilt], [tilted] or [askew] on a smartphone using Google, you might notice a strange special effect: Google's search results page is tilted to the right. It's an Easter Egg, just like the "did you mean" link displayed when you search for [recursion].

{ via Search Engine Land }


  1. This sounds cool. I told my girlfriend immediately and asked her to try it. She tried it and it worked :D Haha. XD

  2. Love it! I'm wondering if Bing will copy this search result too!

  3. You can also see it on your PC:

  4. ...but only in Chrome, it seems. Doesn't work in FF.

  5. Yes, u cab see it on my PC

  6. "slanted" also works. :D

  7. Google [anagramm] in the German interface (go to or and you get "Meinten Sie: mama rang"
    In other languages, googling [anagram] in the English and Dutch interfaces (, or give "Did you mean: nag a ram" (en) and "Bedoelde u: ma graan" (nl) respectively.
    Googling anagramma in Italian beckons: "arma magna"
    Googling anagrama in Spanish beckons: "gama rana"
    They probably ran a program for every language.
    Anyone got any others?

    (* the recursion one seems to have no translations I can find)

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