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April 21, 2007

Eric Schmidt Interviewed by John Battelle

John Battelle interviewed Google's CEO, Eric Schmidt, at Web 2.0 Expo four days ago. Eric Schmidt answered questions about Microsoft, the DoubleClick deal, users' privacy, YouTube and the future of Google. This was the place where Google announced they'll add a presentation tool to Google Docs.


  1. Eric is a little old now ,who will be
    the next ceo of google?

  2. If you search for Eric Schmidt age, you get:

    Eric Von Schmidt — Date of Birth: May 28, 1931
    According to

    But Google's CEO is not Eric Von Schmidt and he's much younger (born in 1955, the same year when Apple's CEO was born).


    If you scroll down to the bottom is lists the age of all the directors.

    You'll find, that excluding the founders, all of Google's directors are 40+

  4. I wonder if Eric checks he inbox, I want to send him a Doubleclick punch the monkey ad.

  5. Eric Schmidt comes across as honest and as direct as possible. It's really endearing.