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April 30, 2007

Strange Suggestions in Google Blog Search

Google's blog search engine has a bug that shows weird suggestions for your query in the seventh page of results. While you can't see the weird "did you mean" for every query, I got the message for two different queries.

One of the suggestions was:
"Elena Dementieva" (naked| scandal| divorce| separated| cancel| lawsuit| police| injured)

As you probably know, | is an alternative way of entering the boolean operator OR that triggers all the results which contain at least one of the keywords separated by the operator. But this suggestion is most likely a bug because is completely unrelated to the query and very few people use advanced operators.


  1. Strange. This might be related to my attempts to use Google Blog Search late last night and being redirected to this 404. Hacked, maybe?

  2. What's going on with Google lately? The homepage messup, strange suggestions, that thing where those Gmail accounts were closed, this...

    All does not seem to be well.

  3. I tend to use Boolean operators in my searches, and a few days ago they weren't working right at all. Funny to think that some random person may have gotten my queries...


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