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April 20, 2007

Google Search to Incorporate News Results

Search Engine Land reports that Google will start to integrate results from Google News with the standard web results. Googlebot is not able to crawl news sites as fast as Google news bot, so if you search for recent events, it's likely you won't find fresh news in the top results. That's why Google used a news OneBox that displayed the top 3 results from Google News for queries that are associated with recent events.

Starting from next week, the news OneBox will be removed and the news pages will become standard web results, "This allows us to rank news according to relevance in search results rather than at top of the page", said Google's Marissa Mayer.

"Mayer said that the changes are a result of new technology Google has developed to dig deeper into news and find truly relevant stories, rather than simply displaying up to three headlines in the OneBox format, which were displayed based on keyword triggers rather than a deeper analysis of news content.

News results will appear anywhere in a search result page, and links to different sources will be clustered together, similar to how stories are grouped in Google News. Thumbnail images related to the news will also appear next to these results."

This change will make Google's results even fresher and it's a big step towards a universal search that integrates content from different specialized search engines and provides a single ranking.

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  1. Good Bye News OneBox :)

    Who will get the preference in the search results, original news paper or republishing blog?

    seekXL - search engine blog Germany


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