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April 18, 2007

Google Life Search (The Chinese Google Base)

In 2004, BBSpot wrote a funny post about Google Life Search, a service that "uses a stream of magnetically targeted electrons to index a user's memory. (...) We think of this as the photographic memory you never had. Simply type in what you are looking for and Google Life Search will quickly locate that item. For example if I enter 'car keys' Life Search responds with the result 'In your pocket', and there they are right where it said!"

Three years later, Google will launch a service called Google Life Search, even though only in China. At least that's the latest message included in Google's translation program.

"Label for the tab on the homepage or search results page that leads to Google Life Search ( only)."

So this is a search engine targeted to China's population. It can't search for alien life or for the origin of life, but it could be a search engine for interesting things to do or for lifestyle information. What do you think "Google Life Search" could be?

Update (May 19): The service is now live at Google China and it's only a nice interface for Google Base. You can use it to search for structured information from housing, recipes, products and more.


  1. Could as well be li-fe (lee-fay), whatever li-fe means in chinese.

  2. Probably google's take on "live search", misspelled to avoid trademark infringement.

  3. It gives one result for whatever query: 42

  4. "It gives one result for whatever query: 42"


  5. It searches recent event in your life. So you can easily review the terms of your divorce etc.=>

  6. uhm..sounds like searching people? animals?


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