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April 20, 2007

Google Page Creator's Sitemap and Feed

If you have a site hosted by Google Page Creator, be prepared for a surprise. Google automatically builds a sitemap file that lists each and every file from your site created or only hosted by Page Creator.

The address of the sitemap file is, so anyone who knows the URL of your site (or just your Gmail address) can find all the files from your site. Some sitemaps are even included in Google search.

That means you shouldn't use Page Creator to upload personal files because even if you don't link to them, their addresses are easy to find in the sitemap. But there's also a bright side: you don't have to build a sitemap for your site to submit it to Google Webmasters Central.

Also, each site has a RSS feed that contains only the pages created with the online editor. The feed is available at:

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  1. Great isn't the right word in my opinion... I was pretty confident that my files on google are secure, this is pretty worrying.. but thanks for the information

  2. That sucks. It also sucks I can't use a robots.txt file with the Google Page Creator.

  3. Simple obfuscation is not good security. If you want a place to upload and store your files, I would not recommend an open website. You should at least have a password protected area.

    In other words, pages was never a good even moderately secure file storage area. This news simply highlights that fact.

  4. Well everyone remember is still in testing theres always a chance that the whole thing could be droped.... I think that this is very very promisng.

  5. Thank you very Much My friend.......

    I know the Blogger Blog Feed Address and Sitemap address.

    Recently, i started Google Page Creator site and real problem come with site feed. I know the Sitemap address but i didn't know the feed address. My Blogger site Feed option does not take my Sitemap URL as Feed.

    I would like to know this address. Fortunately, i found your webpage about Blogger and Pages Creator service Sitemap address and Feed address. I have successfully displayed Page creator site in my Blogger site.

    Once again thanks for your good information and keep it up.Iam expecting more informative articles from your blog.

    All the best.

  6. The RSS feed of a Page Creator site:

    Replace SITENAME with your site's name.

  7. I made my fist .xml with your great help. Thanks!


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