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October 2, 2010

Gmail Tests Recent Buzz Section

Gmail experiments with a new sidebar feature that shows a list of recent Buzz messages from the people involved in a conversation. (English version) says that this feature is currently available for Google Trusted Testers.

Gmail should show more useful information in the sidebar: related conversations, related news, options that let you highlight and annotate some excerpts from a message.


  1. Ok. this is bad. This feature was released to Buzz Beta testers who were instructed to not disclose it to general public.

  2. More to the point... when the hell are "Google Apps for your Domain" users - Google's paying customers - going to get Buzz at all?

  3. Exactly. I moved back to a free email account because I was fed up waiting for Buzz to be integrated with Google Apps. Google takes your money but then treats you as second-class unimportant users. I find that rather insulting to be honest.

  4. @Anonymous Google released it to a few million beta testers. Do you honestly think that Google expected it to be kept a secret?

  5. I like the idea of the sidebar displayed related conversations and/or related news. But Buzz feeds? I don't use Buzz.

    BTW, I noticed that the Refresh link is gone?

  6. How do you sign on to become a Google trusted tester?

  7. I don't like these features. Call me a purist. They makes GMail for no reason. GMail's appeal is its simple uncluttered interface, why rune it and turn it to something like Yahoo mail? Even if they are going to add any feature, they should allow users like me to turn them off.

    Respect the users, allow them to choose!

  8. Bradley Horowitz, Google VP, in a Buzz post, confirmed that Google Buzz will come to Google Apps and is currently in testing.

    He also confirmed that Google Buzz will be issued as a stand alone app outside Gmail.

    Here's my story on how we got this documentation..... Hope you don't find the link to be self serving, but I did break this news.

  9. @Anonymous In fact, you can turn off Buzz (even some other functions). You can do it from "Settings", or using links in footer of any Gmail page.


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