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October 16, 2010

Google TV Queue

Google Queue is a feature of Google TV that lets you subscribe to podcasts, TV series, feeds or simply add web pages so you can read them later. It's an clever combination between a feed reader and a service like "Read It Later".

What's surprising is that Google Chrome for Google TV shows a button that lets you subscribe to feeds, while the desktop version of Google Chrome still doesn't have native support for feeds.


  1. Borrrring. This has been around forever. It's just Boxee by Google.

  2. Chrome does not natively include support for feeds is a matter of feature bloat. Most people _still_ don't use feeds.And that is why it's made available as a plugin.

  3. Hmmm not sure if this browser is 'Chrome' or more of Android browser variant... What I'm dying to know is how Google Queue allows you to queue up your TV shows for later viewing... it has (almost) no local storage... so either it has to dvr them on the cloud or leverage a Dish dvr... and what if you have Comcast/Charter/Cox cable ?! how would you even begin to change the channels without your set top box? I guess I want the internet to provide my TV channels... not quite there yet. :/

  4. This is NOT Boxee by Google. You do not have FULL access to the internet on Boxee (nor do you on any other media entertainment platform).

    I have been watching Google TV and am just waiting for Google to negotiate some more content deals with the major networks. It would be great if they could get a deal for free Hulu rather than Hulu+. Horrible mistake Hulu execs are making by bottlenecking incremental revenue by changing what got them to where they are today...great content, great quality, no user fees, great advertising revenue. Sounds a lot like Google, until now. Perhaps Google will offer the networks a larger ad revenue share and then Hulu will no longer be needed.

  5. it will not bring my in my subscriptions. It keeps saying i need an account with Google Reader even though I have one?? what could be going wrong??

  6. im having the same issue


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