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October 27, 2010

Google Maps Tests New Navigation UI

Dave P., a reader of this blog, spotted a new UI for the views and layers offered by Google Maps. The new interface enlarges the buttons that let you switch to the satellite view and to the embedded Google Earth, removes the button that lets you switch to the traditional view and adds a layer panel that's only displayed when you mouse over the satellite button.

Another change is that the list of recent searches and Google Maps views is displayed in the layer panel, so you can quickly switch between custom maps, driving directions, local search results and Google Maps layers.

{ Thanks, Dave. }


  1. Isn't "Satellite" really an overlay, too? And "Earth" is just a 3D option. Voila, no more buttons and "Earth" vs "Satellite" confusion :-)

  2. Curious to know roll-out plans...This showed up today on my browser (FF only) but not on others within my company...

  3. Chrome OS = No more Google Earth? Everything done in Google Maps?

  4. On android maps, was dissapointed that the search bar never seems to go away. Why do I need the search, pin, layer, mylocation button open all the time? Put them back on the menu key. My droid screen isn't *that* big.

  5. Need to check it out, but we don't need more confusion, spend too much time with popups and menus. My problem, I guess, I can work with whatever is there.


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