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October 26, 2010

More Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube's Seek Bar

Here's a cool tip from a Reddit user: you can press 1 to jump to 10% into the video, 2 if you want to jump to 20%, 3 for 30% and so on. If you press 0, you'll go back to the beginning of the video. You don't have to watch the video on YouTube's site, the trick works even for embedded videos. An important note: don't use the numeric pad.

YouTube offers many other useful shortcuts:
* left/right arrow - seek backward/forward 5 seconds
* ctrl+left/ctrl+right - seek backward/forward 10%
* home/end - seek to the beginning/last seconds of the video
* spacebar - play/pause when the seek bar is selected

Here's a video you can use to try the shortcuts (make sure that the seek bar has focus by clicking on the small play button):

{ via The Next Web. Thanks, Kevin. }


  1. I use the arrow keys to move forward and backwards on a video, but when I tried using the numbers on the number keypad nothing happens. So I tried turning off Nun Lock, but when I press 1, it forwards the video to the end; however, if I press the numbers at the top of the keyboard, it works as mentioned in the tip.

  2. Don't use the numeric pad and make sure that the seek bar has focus (click on the small play button, change the volume etc.)

  3. Works perfectly, thanks for the tip!

  4. Hey, thanks for blogging about my "discovery"!

  5. @Alex: Yeah I think I'm going use the numbers at the top of the keyboard instead of the numeric pad.

  6. Excellent! this is really handy.

  7. The space bar only works when the video has focus, not the seek bar. The rest of shortcuts seem to work. (Chrome 7 and 8, on Windows Vista and 7.)

  8. you can also use up and down arrows to control volume

  9. some keypads have the arrows underneath the numbers. up arrow is 8, down arrow is 2, left arrow is 4, right arrow is 6.

  10. left/right arrows jumps for %5 of video time not for 5 seconds.


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