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October 24, 2010

Google's Spam Report Extension

If you want to improve Google's results and report spammy web pages, there's a Chrome extension for you. Google Webspam Report adds a link next to each Google search result and automatically fills the spam report form with information like the URL of the page and your query.

You can also use the button from Chrome's toolbar to report pages. The most interesting feature is the integration with Chrome's browsing history that lets you select recently visited pages and recent Google searches.

Google links to a feedback form at the bottom of the search results pages and some of the options let you report spam, irrelevant pages and dead links. Unfortunately, Google doesn't make it easy to select the pages you want to report.

{ via Matt Cutts }


  1. Now they only need to add it to Google Toolbar

  2. must chrome ? but i often use Firefox...
    though chrome is so fast !

  3. Very interesting. First thing I did after installing was report (My search query: experts exchange :)
    What I miss is the previously available feature to hide search results altogether (the X button that used to appear next to the bookmark *-button on mouse-hover), or better yet, filter out linkjacking domains from search results altogether when logged in.

  4. I wonder if this new tool will allow competitors to mark others' as spam, thus having their rank/etc. devalued.


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