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April 5, 2011

YouTube's New Search Options Format

YouTube has a new interface for related searches and advanced search options. Now you can select multiple filters from a category and combine related searches. For example, you can find long-form HD videos that are available in the WebM format.

If you click on one of the queries from the "Explore" section, you'll replace the original query. A more interesting option is to mouse over a query and click the "plus" icon: this way, you'll refine your original search.

YouTube adds both filters and refinements to the query and separates them by comma. A search for [slow motion, hd, webm, high speed camera] includes two filters that are treated separately: "hd" and "webm".

You can also add the name of a channel (example: [slow motion, @tpsfilmstudio]) or the name of a category (example: [slow motion, sports]).

The new features were part of an experiment called YouTube Topics that tried to help users find videos. "We know that sometimes people come to YouTube looking for a specific video, but at other times, they have only a rough idea of the kind of videos they want."


  1. I don't like the new way YouTube filters HD videos. Before this change, when I clicked on the HD blue button or link, all playback was done in HD but now I have to manually change the playback to HD.

    It seems like YouTube is always changing something, but most of the time it isn't for the better.

  2. I miss the option to filter for 'music'

  3. @Peter:

    Add ", music" to your query (remove the quotes).

  4. @ Alex : I never would've guessed that.
    Thanks for the tip, made my day !

  5. In this 'search options update' they missed the option to filter by length of video that was there before. And they dont seem to have option to filter by viewcount and rating.

  6. I agree with jasonvaritekfan, it's extremely annoying to have to hit the 720p button to switch it to HD mode when I was only searching for HD videos to begin with.

    Fix it, youutube.

  7. i agree with you jasonvaritekfan, better fix it first then try for new options

  8. The new search interface is worse than earlier interfaces for searching playlists. It does not give count of songs in playlists.

  9. how can I filter the search to show only videos not playlists nor channels.
    I hate this new youtube... Always changing and evertime it gets worse! I miss the oooold youtube. Now it's all fancy and my cpu almost blows up with that new sh*t - you bet it's because of the newer interfaces. I'm getting so tired of this but I have no alternative, do I? No so I gotta buy a new computer? No way so f*uck this sh*t....

  10. hate the new layout. before I could go to a subscribed channel and see videos compiled in chronological order by folders (year sorted) and now everything is messed up because it either displays newest added or oldest added. bah! why change something so drastically! old format was working just fine and in fact is superior to the new layout. HATE HATE HATE HATE the new layout