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August 24, 2011

Lists in Google Snippets

I've mentioned two weeks ago that Google started to label pages that include search results. For some of these pages, Google's snippets now use lists, so you can distinguish between separate items. These snippets are twice as big as the regular snippets (4 lines vs 2 lines) and they include useful information like prices or dates.

Sometimes Google is confused and shows similar snippets for blogs, especially if homepages look like search results pages.

Google's snippets usually include one or more excerpts from the page that include some of your keywords and are separated by ellipses.

Update: It's official. "If a search result consists mostly of a structured list, like a table or series of bullets, we'll show a list of three relevant rows or items underneath the result in a bulleted format. The snippet will also show an approximate count of the total number of rows or items on the page," explains Google.


  1. I read about Music snippets from Google but not about lists. Thanks for share!

  2. frankly speaking, i don't like this feature in term of serp...come on, if you are in position number 5 and the other 4 website u to you had this feature, it will pull your site way back , and in some case, to second pages... so in term of serp, it is very bad....

  3. Is there a syntax to specify which table/rows or count to include in these snippets? Is there a tool to verify what content will be snippeted for a given search result page?


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