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August 18, 2011

Audio Pronunciation in Google Search

Google added a new feature to the dictionary OneBox: audio pronunciation. This feature was available if you clicked "More" to read all the definitions, but now it's more accessible.

Google uses Flash to play the audio file, so the feature doesn't work if you disable Flash. It's interesting that Google shows the audio icon if you use an iPad, even though the device doesn't let you install the Flash plugin. The HTML5 audio tag is a better option for iOS devices and for the browsers that support it.


  1. Nice! I wish the speaker didn't appear in the More menu though.

    I just searched for a word to see if I spelled it correctly and totally missed this new feature.

    1. It is all about using HTML5 speech input API. This means that you’ll be able to talk to your computer, Browser will be able to interpret it and will be added to your input fields. Reade more here

  2. Oh, I see. The feature was available in the More options menu, but it's still not showing in my searches.

  3. I'm not getting how to find that feature in google.

  4. Well this is for those who don't know how to use this feature.

    You have to use "Define" operator in order to use Google's Dictionary. Here is the Syntax -


    Example - Define:knowledge

    This way you will be able to access this feature in Google Search Engine.


  5. Is it in the test interface or live? I'm not seeing the option. Anyone else facing similar problem?

  6. sound Icon is not appears in my Google search, what should be the reason

  7. It's insane that iOS to this day still dosen't run Flash!

  8. wow, i don't have to go to google translate again to hear the pronounce of word... but i hope Google will:

    1)use the word "pronounce" too, to make the search result pronounce words that being type... not only use the word "define" because people will most likely type pronounce when they want to know the way some word will be spelled.

  9. Someone at Google needs to realise that pronunciation is useless without any sort of define: operator.

  10. What I'm really wondering is how does the pronunciation pronounce the words SO GOOD.

    Check this page out:

    Google pronounced it better then did. VERY impressed.

  11. Dude I'm not getting how to find that feature in google.

  12. how does one pronounce google

  13. everytime i am wondering how this type of service setup by google and providing service worldwide. some words found mismatch while pronouncing..

  14. type something ,press sound icon


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