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August 17, 2011

Gmail's Newest/Oldest Pagination Features

The latest Gmail design refresh replaced pagination links with arrow buttons. Even if it's not obvious, the navigation links that sent you to the newest/oldest messages are still available in the new interface. Just click the message similar to "11-20 of 3903" from the screenshot below and you'll see the two options that appeared to be missing.

This works for Gmail's search results and when you click one of the labels. For example, you can go to the "All Mail" system label, click the pagination message, select "Oldest" and find the first messages from your Gmail account.

For the search terms that return a lot of results, the only pagination feature that works is "newest" because Gmail shows vague estimations for the number of results like "1-20 of hundreds" or "1-20 of thousands" and it can't determine the last page of results.

{ Thanks, jpp. }


  1. It was not clear until saw it here. May be better to do something more user-friendly?

  2. but I still can't see more then 20 old emails on one screen! Why, oh why not!?

  3. 10x dude, love the new GUI experience but missed this old feature

  4. i like the old feature whereby we can click all the message at the same time we we click CTRL A .. it is easy to mark it as read .. now this feature had gone? make it hard for clean up purpose

  5. does anyone have the php source code?


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