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August 30, 2011

Google +1 Extension for Chrome

Now you no longer have to wait until your favorite site adds a Google +1 button. If you use Chrome, you can install an extension that lets you +1 any Web page. The extension is developed by Google and it acts just like a +1 button: it shows the number of +1's and it becomes blue if you've already +1'd a page.

An obvious privacy trade-off is that the extension sends the list of the pages you visit to Google's servers, but this information is not associated with your account. "Google doesn’t keep a persistent record of your browsing history as part of the process of showing you a +1 button or otherwise use the fact that you personally have visited a page with the +1 button. Google may keep some information about your visit, usually for about two weeks, to maintain and debug its systems," explains Google.

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  1. There is also this:

  2. can not +1 to a particular circle of friends ??

  3. If you install this extension, as the description of the extension itself states, "by installing this extension, all of the pages and URLs you visit will be sent to Google in order to retrieve +1 information." ( This extension can access "Your data on all websites. Your tabs and browsing activity." At the outset it seems an unreasonably burdensome approach in terms of the impact on user privacy, to submit all webpages that he user has visited to Google so as to merely detect which pages the user has chosen to share by rating them +1. A simpler and more preferable approach would be to just send to Google those webpages that users have intentionally and affirmatively chosen to share by rating them +1.

  4. I've been doing +1 with @MobileSidecar for the entire time the website plugin has been available. In fact, if you use Safari it's still the only way to use +1 like this. Just add the bookmarklet, visit a page and click the bookmark. Plenty of other sharing options too.

  5. It was a deception to see that the +1 button on Chrome toolbar has not the new sharing feature, recently deployed to the usual embedded +1 button on web pages...

  6. As much as I’d like a +1 extension that forgoes the extra pop-up, I don’t think that is possible without a serious conflict of branding. It’s called +1, not +16, +287, or +4,039. It’s about adding your voice to the chorus, hence, +1. Perhaps mousing over will show a tooltip of the total number of +1′s, but replacing the +1 on the button seems to me to be a mistake.

    And yes, it’s +1. Not Plus One, or Plus 1, or, most absurd of all, Plus One +1.


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