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August 31, 2011

New Features for the Google +1 Button

That was quick. After a few days of testing, the improvements to the Google +1 button are publicly available.

When you mouse over the button, Google shows a list of friends that +1'd the page. The same list is now displayed next to the button if you change the code and select inline annotations. This is the new default option when you generate the code, but not everyone will like it because it takes a lot of space. Google probably chose this option because you're more likely to +1 a page if some of your friends already did that.

The Google +1 button also lets you share a page to Google+. After clicking "+1", Google shows a box where you could enter your comments and choose one or more circles. Google shows a title, a thumbnail and a short snippet from the page. By default, they're automatically generated, but developers can explicitly annotate the page using the microdata or the Open Graph protocol, which is also used by Facebook. At the least, you should add a tag for the image that best represents the page.


  1. Hey ! This guy in the screenshot looks like me. Wait...

  2. There is no luka in that screenshot?

  3. But what is happening to Google Bookmarks? It seems Google has now abandonen the page leaving it with the old style template. Google also appears to be pulling out of the Google Toolbar business (which sported the Google Bookmarks feature) in favour of +1 buttons in Chrome etc.

    I don't really mind +1 but I wish Google would provide some direction as to the future of the two similar systems. In the mean time I have gone off to Delicious.

  4. Only problem I see is that the description cannot be removed. I have a problem with that on my blog that the description is not from the blog post but from text on the left side column.

  5. I found eventually a solution to the description problem. Better description for Google+ links

  6. Can someone explain to me why there's not info on the +1 page about how to get a bookmarklet for +1?

  7. it was like that Facebook thing... Google finally got the taste of the social networking lingo :-)


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