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August 30, 2011

Google Trusted Stores

An unlisted video uploaded to Google's YouTube channel announces a new service for shoppers and sellers: Google Trusted Stores. The program "makes it easy for online shoppers to identify stores that provide an excellent online shopping experience," explains Google. The URL of the new service returns an error message:, but that's because it wasn't officially launched.

It's likely that Google will show a Trusted Store badge next to the ads for the online stores that provide a great experience and have a good track record of shipping on time and providing excellent customer service.

Right now, Google shows an average rating and a link to user reviews:

Update: The video is now private.

{ Thanks, Ward. }


  1. I'm guessing the Canadian drug stores won't be getting a "Trusted Store" badge? [Sorry, I couldn't resist.]

  2. It's unlikely they'll do that since it will lower CTR and thus Google revenues.

  3. The video says "This video is private". Now how could i see it?

  4. Good work with the spot! I watched the video a few days ago before it was removed but then got confused when the url goes through to a 404


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