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August 29, 2011

Google Indexes Images a Lot Faster

Google Image Search used to have an index that wasn't updated too often. At some point, Google started to include images from Google News articles, so you could find images from recent events.

Now Google Image Search's index updates in real-time for many pages, just like the Web Search index. A few minutes after publishing a post, I was really surprised to see that an image from the post was already indexed by Google.

A search for [cartoon] restricted to the past hour returns 41 images and not all of them are from news articles and blog posts. Google Image Search still doesn't index all the images as soon as the pages are indexed by Google, but the improvements are noticeable.


  1. for me there is no huge significant on having image index faster... why?? it's because people usually search image for their blog content or just for fun... not to know the latest picture ...

    just my 2 cent

  2. I appr├ęciate lot of time it's faster to searh some informations by Images than words.. :)

    Ex search about Apple(not the company) in a hurry with pictures it's faster to discriminate the company and the fruits :)

    my 3 cents ;P


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