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August 2, 2011

Rate Google Translations

Google Translate has a new feature that allows users to improve translation quality: rating translations. There are three options: helpful, not helpful and offensive, but Google doesn't let you highlight the text that's poorly translated.

Another way to improve Google Translate is to click a word from the translated text and choose one of the alternate translations. You can also enter a better translation or hold down the shift key and drag the words to reorder them.

While Google Translate supports 64 languages, you probably use it for a small number of language pairs. That's the reason why Google highlights the languages you've recently selected.

{ Thanks, Charlie. }


  1. Having 3 options is not very useful. Often the machine translation is poor compared to a human translation, but it can still be helpful for understanding gist. There needs to be an option for 'helpful but not accurate'.

  2. I think these features would help Google a lot more to improve their Google translations.

  3. This is the first time I am visiting your blog and found it really interesting blog. I love this post becasue it contains some useful information. I must appreciate your work here. Thanks!

  4. Should I click "Not helpful" before editing the text and "Helpful" after editing it? Please explain. Thank you.

    1. This is important, should I rate the translation after editing? One might have very different opinion after editing. Or Google will not accept any ratings if the users have edited the translation?

  5. Its been upgraded - really helpful now. You can also drag and drop sentences in a different order. Google FTW!

  6. some translations in filipino are very poor

  7. It appears to be a damn feature; so use Firebug to remove this feature. Many languages including Polish; Czech; Romanian; Turkish etc. has an Grammar Nazi.


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