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May 15, 2013

Chrome, the Most Popular Web Browser

Sometimes it's a good idea to question browser stats. While some companies claim that Chrome loses market share, Google says that the number of active Chrome users increased from 310 million (June 2012) to 750 million. According to Google, Chrome is now the most popular browser in the world.

"With over 750 million active users on Chrome, we're now focused on bringing to mobile the speed, simplicity and security improvements that we've seen on the desktop," says Google.

Sure, this number includes Android users and iOS users. The Android app has less than 100 million downloads, but the number of active users should be lower than the number of downloads.

But what if Google's stats are wrong? After all, Google is the most popular site in the world and owns the most popular analytics service. Not to mention YouTube and Blogger, two other very popular sites.

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