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May 23, 2007

Google Cross-Language Search

Google released a new tool as part of Google Translate that lets you find pages that are written in languages you don't speak. Just type a query in your native language, translates your query in other language and shows you the results from the localized version of Google in your language.

"Now, you can search for something in your own language (for example, English) and search the web in another language (for example, French). If you're looking for wine tasting events in Bordeaux while on vacation in France, just type "wine tasting events in Bordeaux" into the search box on the "Search results" tab on Google Translate. You'll then get French search results and a (machine) translation of these search results into English," explains the Google blog.

This feature is available for all the combinations of languages supported by Google and doesn't bring anything new, it just makes things easier. Here's how I searched multilingually before this feature existed:

* Go to Google Translate and translate [wine tasting events in Bordeaux] in French.

* Copy the result and paste it in the search box from

* Get the URL of the search results page and translate it to English.

Yahoo already has this feature for French and German, but the implementation is better: you just type your query in French or German and you will get results obtained by translating your query in other 4 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, German/French.

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