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May 28, 2007

Google Buys GreenBorder, Web Sandbox

Google bought GreenBorder, a Mountain View-based company that creates security software designed to protect a computer as you surf the web. According to Silicon Valley Watcher, GreenBorder developed "an easy solution to virus, spyware, and trojan threats by isolating each Internet session from the rest of the PC and earlier Internet sessions. The beauty of the Green Border Pro software is it doesn't need to be updated to guard against new virus signatures or new types of malware. It creates a secluded, virtual Internet session and when you are done, it flushes everything away, in your cache and in temporary files."

The application was initially a sandbox for Internet Explorer, but now it also supports Firefox and lets you open files downloaded from the Internet in a virtual environment. Each application protected by GreenBorder has a colored border around the window, so you know you're safe.

Other features include:

* Keeps your PC from getting infested by "drive-by" downloads.

* Blocks theft of your private identity information.

* Prevents thieves from stealing your confidential files.

* Protects your applications from hijacking.

The Windows software is still available as a trial version at, but the full version used to cost $29.95 / year. Hopefully, Google will release a free version.

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