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October 19, 2006

YouTube Is Not Google's Tube

So Google bought YouTube. Maybe for their user base, maybe to test their video ads, maybe because someone else could have bought it, or maybe because they realized Google Video can't be more successful than YouTube.

But there's an online trend lately that has this tagline: "Google will destroy YouTube". Here's a quote from San Francisco Chronicle:

"For many of us, there's a definite vibe that the wild fun times will soon be coming to an end. It's like your parents are coming up the driveway, and you've broken the crystal egg and are going to be grounded for the next eight months - leaving you with nothing except the crazy memories of that brothel you ran out of their house over the weekend."

Or this video that shows how YouTube becomes a cluttered dying site under Google's hegemony.

All these people can't understand that Google bought YouTube just because it's the coolest online video site, and it will keep the brand, while the site will continue to exist independently. So we won't see a major design change, as this will alienate the users.

Google will probably adopt Yahoo's model, where services like Flickr and, although Yahoo's property, work independently.

The quoted article also mentions that YouTube will sink, as it goes mainstream. But YouTube doesn't have anything exclusive, it's not a site for elites, it's just where ordinary people create their own TV shows and entertain the masses.

If you go to, you won't see any sign of Google's acquisition, and that isn't likely to change soon. If you think Google truly owns YouTube, you're wrong. YouTube is not Google's tube, YouTube is people's tube. Google is not there to change the rules, it's there to make YouTube sustain itself and continue to grow.


  1. Yahoo id is needed to login to flickr nowadays. thats the result of yahoo's acquisition of flickr.

  2. "People's tube"?
    You are an idiot.

    The "people's tube" as you call it is totally out of control ... simultaneously allowing and disallowing the same content ... unable to determine what policies to enforce and how to enforce them ... Prostituting themselves as the alleged "prohibited content" accounts for as much as 70% of all currently existing youtube content ... and praying for all they're worth that they will be able to find profitability before they either get their asses sued off, or their user base quits ... or both.

    Your opinion is both self-aggrandizing as well as uninformed.
    Very Sincerely,

  3. Tim, YouTube can only act on what is brought to their attention, although i wouldn't put it past YouTube admin to secretly want the 'prohibited content' to remain there (I assume you mean the direct uploading and mashups based on copyrighted content, which let's face it is what most people go there for)

  4. "So we won't see a major design change, as this will alienate the users."



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