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October 19, 2006

Almost a Mobile Google Video

Scott Robbin created a small site optimized for mobile phones that lets you download videos from Google Video. Your phone should have a fast Internet connection and should be able to play AVI videos (or you can download an application that does that). Scott explains that his site shows only videos under 4 minutes.

This is just a small step to a mobile Google Video.


  1. I think bandwidth for cell phones is mostly still too slow for these kind of services. I tried the site with my phone but the download time is just too annoying... and costly. Maybe in 5 years this will become mainstream?

  2. Maybe a preinstalled mobile Flash (Flash Lite) would be helpful too, or at least a standard video format that any mobile phone can play.

  3. Well, if you have Sprint and are in an EVDO area, this isn't a problem. My Q can play AVI's and my unlimited internet is only $15 per month. With the EVDO, I get about 600k typically.

  4. I think a mobile Google Video serving AVIs is inadequate and as for the call for Flash Lite or a standard video format all phones can use... such a format already exists: 3GP.

    In the UK on the 3 network there is already a YouTube-like service for mobile phones called SeeMe TV and videos from Google Video and a few other video portals is already available in 3GP format from which works as a search portal and 'video proxy' for there services (YouTube is a notable exception... pity)


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