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October 13, 2006

Yahoo Time Capsule

From October 10 until November 8, Yahoo users can contribute to an amazing project called Yahoo Time Capsule by submitting photos, writings, videos, audio that define your world today.

"The Time Capsule (...) is organized around ten themes, chosen to illuminate different corners of the human experience. The ten themes are: Love, Sorrow, Anger, Faith, Beauty, Fun, Past, Hope, Now, and You. Each theme harbors an open-ended question: What do you love? What makes you sad? What makes you angry? What do you believe in? What’s beautiful? What’s fun? What do you remember? What is your wish? Describe your world. Who are you? People respond to these questions in five simple ways – with words, pictures, videos, sounds, and drawings."

So if you have something special to share with the future, a message in a bottle, a prediction, a list of important things for you, send it to the time capsule. The site is almost an work of art, and if you don't send anything, exploring the site will make your day.

The man behind this project is Jonathan Harris, a very talented Internet artist.


  1. Amazing that they can get away with blatantly ripping off EarthCapsule, which has been around for many months.

  2. I don't think EarthCapsule invented the concept, but, unlike EarthCapsule, Yahoo's Time Capsule is free, searchable and it looks smashing.

  3. I'm a time netsule fan myself..


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