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October 31, 2006

Google, the New Microsoft?

"Google is the new Microsoft. (...) I look at Google as a far more threatening company than Microsoft is today," said Joe Kraus in an interview with Robert Scoble, reiterating what he said for New York Times last year:

To place Google in context, Mr. Kraus offered a brief history lesson. In the 1990's, he said, I.B.M. was widely perceived in Silicon Valley as a "gentle giant" that was easy to partner with while Microsoft was perceived as an "extraordinarily fearsome, competitive company wanting to be in as many businesses as possible and with the engineering talent capable of implementing effectively anything."

Now, in the view of Mr. Kraus, "Microsoft is becoming I.B.M. and Google is becoming Microsoft." Mr. Kraus is the chief executive and a founder of JotSpot, a Silicon Valley start-up hoping to sell blogging and other self-publishing tools to corporations.

It's interesting to note that Joe Kraus is the co-founder of Excite, a search engine that lost the battle with Google many years ago. Now Joe Kraus joins Google to help it polish the web office suite.


  1. I personally see Google as a friendly company. More now than ever.

  2. I dont think you can compare Google to Microsoft, they are two totally different companies, mainly down to management and ethics.

  3. Google is friendly... ha! Just try and compete with anything they do, when they just buy out your competitor and then make it the products free.

  4. I wrote a couple articles in my site talking about it... today Google is acting like a friend company, but I think Google today can rule the world... Microsoft always was a aggressive and show what they came for... and Google?

  5. well, i like google docs anyhow

  6. You really should NOT compare Google to Microsoft, as a previous comment already says. Different companys, different strategies.


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