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October 20, 2006

orkut Doesn't Require Invitation

Google's social network, orkut, doesn't need an invitation anymore. You can sign in using your Google Account.

The invitation was one of the reasons behind orkut's failure to compete with MySpace. Now that Facebook is also public, the competition will start to become interesting.

orkut has around 30 million users, and more than 60% of its users are from Brazil. It was launched in 2004, the same year Google unveiled Gmail.

Update: this page should let you join orkut. Unfortunately, the link doesn't work for everyone.


  1. You're link didn't work for me and when I tried to login from google, I was told that I needed an invitation. Can you post clearer steps to performing this task?

  2. You still need an invitation. It insists on linking your Google Account to your Orkut Account, but you can't get a damn Orkut Account without an invitation.

    What is behind this silly insistence on invitations at Google? At least that was diluted for Gmail by allowing 100 per user, and my supply there seems to be replenished every time I give one out.

  3. yeah, still need an invitation.
    nowdays, google just wants to integerate the gmail and orkut. I am thinking the gmail account will be a single id in the future.

    that's awesome, but we have to wait now

  4. orkut has around 30 million users, more than 60% of its users are from Brazil, and almost 50% of its brazilian profiles are fake.

    People made orkut to fail as a reliable social network and orkut keeps failing to improve its reliability.

  5. Country:
    Brazil - 61.68%
    US - 14.44%
    India - 11.20%

    18-25 - 61.53%
    26-30 - 12.28%

    Using orkut for:
    friends - 73.74%
    business networking - 25.04%
    activity partners - 23.67%
    dating - 18.04%

    Relationship status:
    single - 39.52%
    no answer - 34.41%
    married - 12.17%
    committed - 11.85%

    No of users: 32,256,221

    Official demographics as of November 11 2006.

  6. Country:
    Brazil - 53.23%
    US - 18.56%
    India - 16.00%

    18-25 - 61.10%
    26-30 - 10.23%

    Using orkut for:
    friends - 63.01%
    business networking - 19.12%
    activity partners - 18.95%
    dating - 19.05%

    Relationship status:
    single - 42.57%
    no answer - 36.17%
    married - 10.67%
    committed - 8.18%

    No of users: (more than 70,000,000?)

    Official demographics as of November 2nd, 2007.


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