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October 11, 2006

Google Loves Mac

Or so they say. The new Google Mac blog promises to be the place where you can "keep up with the latest about everything Google is doing to support Mac users". There's also a page that features all Google software available for Mac.

The mere fact that Google decided to start a blog for Mac means there will be a lot of things to announce in this area.


  1. My friend who is an avid Mac user will love this indeed!
    I'm glad to see Google are really taking to Apples OS because as we all know (or some trying to deny), Apple WILL become a major OS competitor in the next decade, Windows will now have actually have a challenger in the OS world and its showing already as Microsoft go all-out for Vista.
    True i will never get Vista because of the crazy measures they are taking with regards to security and the number of false-positives they have shown before (WGA!) is just a major turn-off!

    Windows XP will be my last Windows OS, who knows, since Apple are moving to x86, i may even consider getting a MacOS on here sometime and try it out.
    Not used an Apple OS for years! I don't even remember the name of the one i used! Thats how long ago it was! heh

    Its just a bit sad to see that they gave up on Power architecture, thats why Macs were loved so much for media-type work, graphics, movie editing, its just the sheer power behind them, now they will be moving to x86.. an old ancient POS architecture...
    As computer geeks say, POWER FTW!

  2. Man.. don't think of the next ten years, think of now and admit that mac is for people doing nothing important or serious.

  3. What about us Linux users?

  4. Just imagine how the first comment will read in the future... It is like saying, "DOS is my last OS. I will never move to that new windows thing! I like typing commands. Why should I use a mouse when I have a perfectly good keyboard?"

    I just hope they don't have a stroke when they go to the store and ask where the DOS section is.

  5. Google has announced support for Mac in the past, but produced only a couple of Mac products. I hardly think the creation of a blog constitutes a serious change of heart. I think it's simply a delaying-action meant to assuage Mac fans, without actually having to develop anything for them.

  6. Actually you're wrong about that. Google hires many Mac developers lately. They could work on Picasa or Google Talk for Mac.

    "Are you a Mac Engineering Manager with a passion for building and leading teams that create cutting-edge products? If so, we want you to join our world-class Engineering team! You may be familiar with some of our desktop products including Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa, and Google Talk. Here at Google we are always on the forefront in the creation of new and exciting products. If you love to use Google, have a penchant for creativity and innovation and want to lead teams that build revolutionary client applications, then join the Google client team!"


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