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October 2, 2006

Restrict Your Search to Favorite Sites, Soon at Google

Time has an interesting article about Google called Google's Growing Grasp. One interesting scoop is that: "Marissa Mayer, who manages search products, says the company has assigned more engineers to search than ever before and plans to release a new search tool that will enable users to design and build their own flavor of Google search, scanning just the sites they're interested in."

This seems related to the new domains recently bought by Google:, and other similar domains.

MSN Search (Windows Live Search) already has search macros, that allow you to define a list of sites where you'd like to search (for example, sites about recipes). Rollyo lets you define a list of trusted sources and create your own search engine using results from Yahoo.

So we should expect a similar offering from Google, that will most likely include a way to share your search mashups that combine content from more than one source. Until then you can already do that, albeit not in an elegant way.


  1. Other interesting stuff from the article:

    * 9,000 Googlers

    * "Google recently decided not to place ads at the start of videos on its site because users would expect to see content, not promotions, when they first clicked."

    * Marissa Mayer says that the "vanilla results page that Google and others serve today will probably morph into something categorically different, with images, videos and even conversations among Web users replacing static text links."

    * Marissa also says: "Users aren't going to remember our 50-plus products. They'll remember three to five. We need more features and fewer products."

    * "We start with the premise that we should partner with everybody," says Tim Armstrong, Google's vice president of ad sales.

  2. Rollyo, Yahoo! Search Builder ( and others are already doing this.... will be interesting to see if they come up with a new twist on this. But it does seem like they are beginning to move towards enabling communities.

  3. Wow....i am waiting for this service,it is very helpful in searching sites.i hope Google make this service more interesting and enjoyable for their users.


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