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October 29, 2006

Froogle 2.0

Garett Rogers checked's robots.txt file and found a working version of a new service based on Google Base, that will be released in the coming weeks. Google Product Search (this is not an official name) will be integrated into Google's main search and will replace Froogle's Onebox results.

"When users search for products on, the system will present them with another search box so that they can refine their query. After users refine their queries, Google takes them to a second page populated with product results from the Google Base listings service," reported ComputerWorld last month. The second page might look like this:

You can refine your results without reloading the page, the lists are smarter (you can enter custom values), if you hover over a result you'll see more information. There's also an interesting map view that shows search results on a map, like in Froogle.

Overall, you'll notice the pages use a lot of AJAX and you'll barely find real links. You can't even link to the search result page.

The new product improves Froogle's interface, by adding a touch of Web 2.0 immediacy and using the structured information from Google Base. Unfortunately, it lacks a reviewing system and a simple way to buy products.

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