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October 17, 2006

Refine Search Results in the Classic Yahoo Mail

The classic version of Yahoo Mail has a new feature: a better search experience. Yahoo shows in the sidebar a list of senders, attachments types, dates and folders you can use to refine the search results. For example, if you search for "meeting", you'll see a list of contacts that sent you emails that contain this word, so it's easier to restrict the results only to some of your contacts.

Yahoo also offers an easier way to view your attachments. There are two new views for the search results: "photo view" (that shows thumbnails for the attached photos) and "attachment view" (that shows information about all your attachments). You can select some of the attachments and download all of them in a big zip file.

The informations are useful because they give you the big picture for the search results. Gmail has advanced search features, but it's hard to know a priori all the details about the results.

It's interesting to note that the new features aren't available in the new Yahoo Mail, that has a very weak search. Also not all the classic accounts have the new features. If you use Yahoo Mail Beta, you can switch to the original version by clicking on "Switch back" next to the logo from the top of the screen. To go back to Yahoo Mail Beta, visit

The new Yahoo Mail, slowly released


  1. pinkspyder@gm... saying happy 1 year birthday here! i noticed the candle a while ago but havent been able to log in to spread the love <3

  2. As of October 2007, Yahoo Mail "Classic" has been dumbed down even for Yahoo Mail Plus Premium purchasers, and is now missing many features, including integration with the address book and filters, such that email lists no longer show if the sender is in your address book, marking spam no longer adds them to a block filter, and html graphics once blocked in an email cannot be shown (no "show html" button) so you have to click off to the sender's links to see what they sent you, if even possible. Also, it's unreliable, slow, and error prone #5 #14.

  3. i like to go back to classic yahoo !mail i do not like the new one at all.

  4. Worst of all, As of October 2007, It appears that Yahoo has changed its syntax for a "mailto:user@host" URL. This means that clinking on a blue-highlighted mail link was no longer working in Firefox !!

    I was about to give up on Yahoo Mail FOREVER, but found in my gmail account registration email that Google had already figured out the new Yahoo syntax. thank you google !!

    Here is what I use with WebmailCompose :^T&YY=33796&y5beta=yes&order=&sort=&pos=0

    I highly, highly, highly recommend that everyone should get WebMailCompose. And moreover, reprogram one of the mailers with "^T" as the URL generated, it then becomes possible to left click on ANY URL on ANY WEB PAGE ANYWHERE, and go to that url immediately.

  5. I do not like the new yahoomail. Classic was much easier to read and use! Take me back PLEASE!!!