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October 16, 2006

IE7 Won't Default to Live Search in Vista

The operating system that doesn't excite anyone, Windows Vista, will make some adjustments to please software companies like Symantec, McAfee, Adobe, Google and to prevent suits.

"The search function in the Internet Explorer 7 browser won't automatically use Microsoft's Windows Live search engine. Search engine giant Google has objected to that default choice."

If Windows Live won't be the default search engine, I suspect that there won't be any default search engine and IE will ask you to choose a search engine.

Windows' security tools will be disabled if the user install security suites. "Microsoft said it will give [security] companies access to Vista's core, while still protecting that so-called kernel in other ways."

Microsoft has already removed from Vista its instant messenger and decided to place only a link to Windows Live Messenger in the Help Center.

And everything because Microsoft is a big company, their operating system a monopoly, and some of their users unwilling to make choices. Many Linux distributions come with a wide range of high-quality applications and users can decide what they want to install.

Google doesn't want MSN as default search engine in IE7
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  1. Why the anti-Vista sentiment?

    Many people are eagerly awaiting Vista, and most do not want to be bothered with Linux, especially when OS X is a far better alternative.

    Besides, Linux is very esoteric and no matter what their marketers say, very few people use it and it will most likely be restricted to minority circles, if that.

    Vista is getting a lot of praise since RC1/RC2 and rightly so.

  2. Thanks for possibly clearing this issue up. I thought it ludacrous that Microsoft would be able to use its very own Live Serach as the default search engine for the default IE7 browser. Thankfully now as you stated it looks as though users will have the choice upon startup to decided which search engine they wish to use by default.

  3. "Why the anti-Vista sentiment?"
    Partly because MS is heading in the wrong direction. For home users Vista will be accepted. Vista on a workstation now is almost completely out of the question for most IT managers. The Huge costs of upgrading, and licensing is nothing sort of wasteful. Web 2.0 apps are becoming increasingly usefull and are cross platform compatible. These are just some of the problems with Vista. And to state that very few people use linux is just plain false.

  4. You know, that kind of irritates me. I think Microsoft should have fought to install their defaults.

    How is my mother going to know about going to Google without me telling her. Now, she has to pick something that she doesn't even know anything about. Instead of just being able to "install and use".

    The big thing about Microsoft for me is it's "usability". Even though I prefer the looks and functionality I can get from other products, Microsoft tends to cater for the tech dummies.

    Oh well. Should I care? I would have changed the defaults anyway. I'm a customiser.


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