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October 27, 2006

Bad Week for Blogger

Blogger had a bad week with many planned and unplanned outages. Let's see:

October 18 - Apologies to everyone affected by tonight's Blogger slowness.

October 20 - We've been having a bit of slowness this morning.

October 21 - Blogger was down for a little over three hours this evening, due to the near-simultaneous failure of a critical component and its backup.

October 25 - We experienced an outage this evening due to a problem in our networking hardware.

October 26 - Sincere apologies for the short notice but we will take down both and at 2 PM PST today to replace the piece of network equipment that was causing the outages in the past couple of weeks. The outage will last 60-90 minutes, we will try to get done as fast as we can.

After so many problems in a short time, Blogger decided to apologize in a big way.

"We really regret these outages, which were a nuisance (or worse) to you. The past week’s performance was not representative of the kind of service we want to provide for you. (...) It's been a bad week for Blogger, and, as I hope you can tell, we’re not denying it. Instead, we have taken and will continue to take specific steps that make Blogger a more reliable, overall better service for you to use."

The good news is that the new Blogger, still in beta, was built on a more reliable platform to prevent this issues. There's also a statement that shows Google has neglected Blogger: "The current Blogger infrastructure is — albeit in a very Lincoln's axe way — the same that Google acquired four years ago."


  1. Off topic but still related to Blogger.

    I remember a while back, ether this blog or another one (all blogs seem the same to me lol), but a guy was getting slapped by Google due to the fact he put a title something like "Paying the Bills" above his Google Adsense ads. Google said this was encouraging people to click on them.

    However, I decided to enter the realms of last night and noticed in the bottom right hand corner:

    "Quick Cash

    With our new AdSense tool, it's now easier than ever to make money by blogging."

    With the alternative text for the image being: "cashola".

    And a bit like Google's Coop menu, where is says "Make Cash".

    I know this is not encouraging the viewer of a blog to click the ad, however this is encouraging the blog owner to stick AdSense onto their blog and get people to click it which in turn makes google cashola.

  2. A bad week which only got an awful lot worse this weekend - with very little (if any?) acknowledgement by Blogger staff! (Check the Blogger Help group and note the number of people who got locked out of Blogger completely - again)

    Any chance of some of the Google Billions being ploughed into support staff and prompt communication / feedback?

    So we now have Blogger Employee telling people to move to Beta as it appears Classic Blogger is about to crash given that it's held together with spit gum and shoestrings - and yet I still do not have any means of doing so.

    So it rather looks like the people who have used Blogger the most going to be the ones in the biggest pickle if Blogger Classic crashes completely before the transfer has taken place

    I think I'm going back to look at the Wordpress and Typepad offerings


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