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May 21, 2007

Google Cracks Down on Made for AdSense Sites

JenSense reports that a lot of AdSense users who built sites with almost no original content, but full of AdSense ads, had their accounts removed.
Numerous AdSense publishers have been receiving emails from Google the past couple of days stating that their use of their AdSense account is an unsuitable business model and that accounts would be disabled as of June 1st, giving publishers about two weeks notice to prepare for the loss of the AdSense accounts... and since it seems that arbitrage publishers are the ones receiving this account disabled email, to give those publisher enough time to shut down accounts or use an alternative source for their outgoing traffic.

These users usually bought cheap keywords from AdWords and sent the visitors to their sites that also displayed ads, but for more expensive keywords. The sites didn't contain almost anything valuable, most of the time they scraped content from other sites, but they made a lot of money by tricking users.


  1. I'm glad with Google's action against them. I've been annoyed to see them in the search result which sometimes waste my time when I'm really in need of the information.

  2. Great to see them finally cracking down on AdSense abusers!
    I've been to a few of the sites in question and its, well, just cheating really.
    Theres been so many of them that link to each other, iframe each other and so on...

    I just wonder how they detect them...

  3. This is a good thing. However, whats to stop a "spammer" from using an alternative for their *incomming* traffic? (ie yahoo or msn ad network).

    It seems Google is only able to catch these people out because they had Adwords accounts and Google can look at the difference in amount earned through adsense vs amount paid for adwords.

  4. Really? They are giving them time to seek other alternatives?!?! They are spammers who are clearly abusing the system and making all search results worse for everyone. I already assumed that Google was searching for these spammers and instantly dumping them. I usally hate all the google bashing whiners who say they are just motivated by profit, but, really, what are they thinking!?!?!?

  5. Even though they were abusing the system, I'm relieved that Google has given them at least some time.
    After all, not all detected users are necessarily cheaters.. system could have mistaken a site or two. This gives them time to explain themselves... or at least won't be a cause for some people's job loss.

    If abusers don't play it fair, doesn't mean you can forget all about fairness too (especially a company like Google).
    Also, remember Google's moto...

  6. Good but,,,

    Google won't tell you HOW you violated and what site. It took me awhile to find that on one of our drupal sites, someone said something like suggesting to reader to shopping or visiting with the sponsors, and because a google ad was on page with another static thankyou for sponsor, it was a violation.... suggesting clicking on ads....

  7. Why do they want to disabled the accounts of them who do that, and promote that on one of their pages?

  8. Are they forbidden forever and they can not use adsense anymore ?

  9. Yeah, I'm agree with Google. Stop adsense arbitrage. I'm also using adwords.

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