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May 3, 2007

Upcoming Gmail Features

Gmail's translation messages include a lot of references to features that were tested and might be released to the public. Among them:

* Skip spam classifier as an action for a filter.

* Information about your login: "This account is open in N other locations", "Last account activity".

* Attach inline images.

* View attached images as a slideshow.

* Multi-user conversations in Gmail Chat.

* Integration with AIM in Gmail Chat.

{ Via Google Blogoscoped. }


  1. Still hoping for "Improved Contact Manager"...

  2. "Still hoping for "Improved Contact Manager"..."

    Amen, I hate how it adds every single goddamn person you've ever emailed to the book. No Gmail, I don't want to add the email of that one guy I bought a lamp from on eBay two years ago, but thanks.

    The AIM thing is huge though, IMO. Finally, enough user mass so that Gtalk will be taken seriously.

  3. How about letting me import my emails from Outlook, Gmail? =o(

  4. How about G-Folders for the great use of those 2.8 GB. would love to save files in organized folders.

  5. As useful as I think labels/tags are, I still can't completely convert myself from folders. What I like about labels is that you can put as many as you like on one email. What I like about folders is that they allow subcategorization. Further, the side of your screen can become quite cluttered with every label you've ever made.

    I thought of an idea that might please everyone, and would give the benefits of both labels and folders--a sub-labeling system. You would still be able to use labels in Gmail just as you can now, but you would have the additional option of adding sub-labels. Sub-labels, as I envision them, would be apparent only once the user clicks on a label, and could be shown indented under the main label name, perhaps in a different color and slightly smaller font. On the email itself, the slightly smaller, different colored text would be shown right after the main label(s).

    This system would allow the user to sort in a way that neither folders nor labeling alone currently allows. For example, I just applied to medical school, and have a "Pre-Med" folder in Outlook. All of the schools to which I applied have their own folder within this folder. This kind of sorting could be done with a sub-labeling system. The additional advantage is that when I receive Financial Aid emails from these schools, I could also use my "Financial" main label on them, and sub-label the email with the school's name. There could even be several tiers to the sub-labels, so I could have Financial -> Pre-med -> Medical School Name. Plus, the side of my screen wouldn't be cluttered with scores of main labels.

    I emailed Google with this idea some time ago and didn't hear anything back. If anyone else likes this idea and has a good way to get in touch with them, I'd appreciate you letting me know.

  6. I would like better integration with Gcal, i.e. the details of an event get filled in according to data in the email.

  7. Chat is fine for what it is I suppose. My hope is that Gmail will continue to be a message-centered application. It's a fine email program; I hope it doesn't stray and become less than it is today and less than it can be in the future. Don't lose focus in the name of adding every possible add-on. wb

  8. Damn, now I won't be able to read other people's email undetected.

  9. I still hope, it should add 'Off line' feature in Gmail. It should have an option before I login to gmail.

  10. Yes, the contact manager needs an overhaul. Such a pain in the ass to add a contact.

  11. With Google Chat (jabber), you can be connected with more than one client.
    Currently, I'm connected with Kopete, Gmail chat.
    And XMPP protocol allow you to know where you are connected (ie the number of clients connected to your account)

  12. What's the big deal with "last account activity"? I agree with the contact manager, but I'd like "IMAP for Gmail" even more.

  13. Hey Anonymous, IMAP is a horrible idea. Google: Contact manager please!

  14. I want this feature, "Delete attachments only"

  15. "Dramane said on May 3, 2007 7:31:00 PM PDT:
    How about G-Folders for the great use of those 2.8 GB. would love to save files in organized folders.

    .....I second that.

    Labels just aren't an efficient way of sorting and keeping email.

  16. Google Contacts is the thing!
    Everyone agrees on this one, because it actually needs one that supports all Google aplications !


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