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May 12, 2007

Windows Live Folders, Online Storage Service

LiveSide found a new service from Microsoft called Windows Live Folders, Redmond's version of the long-awaited GDrive.

Windows Live Folders, which was briefly available at, will offer 500 MB of storage and 50 MB as the maximum file size. There are three built-in folders for documents, music and pictures. The permissions are at the folder level, as each folder can be private, shared or public.


* Use personal folders to back up important files that are only for you.
* Get to your files from any computer with Internet access by signing in with your Windows Live ID.


* Shared folders make it easy to collaborate with coworkers or classmates.
* You decide how much control each person has over each shared folder. Some can just read what's there: others can add and delete files.
* Everyone who is sharing uses their own Windows Live ID.


* With public folders, anyone on the Internet can view your files, but they can't change them.
* Want to show your public files to others? Just send them a link! Each folder and file has its own web address.


  1. The thing is, I don't trust Microsoft.

  2. Yeah, atg first we put there our files.

    Next time we know - they put a nice message telling us that only after we run genuine advantage tool we can access our own files :)
    And also that this service will cost 300$...

  3. Say you put some copyrighted files there, and share the link. What will happen? Will Microsoft, champion of DRM and bedmate of RIAA/MPAA, leave your files alone?

    I don't see why anyone would leave their data in the hands of Microsoft, ever.

  4. can somebody tell me why I should trust google more than Microsoft?


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