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May 31, 2007

YouTube Signed a Content Deal with EMI

EMI Music signed an agreement with YouTube that will allow the video sharing site to distribute music videos produced by the label. "In addition to making available clips from acts like Coldplay and Norah Jones, EMI and YouTube plan to develop a system that provides for consumer-created content that uses EMI music and video," reports MediaPost.

"They've demonstrated the content management technology, and we're satisfied with its efficacy, and we look forward to using it", said an EMI representative about YouTube's technology for filtering content.

Last year YouTube negotiated deals with other three music labels: Universal, Sony Music and Warner before it was acquired by Google.

It's interesting to see that if you search on Google for the name of a popular song, a YouTube video is almost always in the top 10 results. Moreover, the result includes a thumbnail and a video plus box that offers an easy way to play the video on the same page. The embedded video players will capture more attention and record labels want to be a part of this new ecosystem.

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