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May 17, 2007

Google Video Starts to Index Third-Party Video Sites

As promised in January, Google Video started to index videos outside the Google Land (YouTube + Google Video), one of the first steps necessary to qualify as a video search engine. The first video site seems to be Metacafe and the screenshot below illustrates a query that returns only one result: a video from Metacafe. In most of the cases, YouTube videos dominate the search results and that isn't likely to change unless Google limits the number of results for each site, like they do in web search.

While Google sends you to Metacafe if you click on the title link, the preview option shows the video in a Google Video player and, what's more, Google actually hosts the FLV file.

Unlike the videos from YouTube and Google Video, the results from Metacafe don't have previews and information from metatags in Google's main results. The only new addition is a thumbnail:

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  1. I can see the copyright lawsuits already.

  2. thanks for the great search query!

  3. it makes sense to host the preview, they do it with image search already (and normal search, they may show a preview of the text, this is stored on their server, but one could argue that it isn't media)

  4. But the "preview" is actually full long!

  5. please google, do this with youtube videos. the google video player is far superior to the youtube one. (the ability to skip being the most important thing..)

  6. They steal from those who stole, there is nothing wrong about it...

    I just wonder what would happen in someone started indexing YouTube's entire index and show such "previews" which show the entire video.


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