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May 7, 2007

News Feeds and Events Added to Google Finance

Google Finance lets you subscribe to more information about a company. There's a new RSS feed for news, a calendar with all the conferences and other important events, the option to view and export the historical prices for a stock.

A more useful new feature is a calendar with all the important events for the companies included into your portfolio. There's no feed for news in the portfolio section, though.

Google Finance will eventually add sections for all the links from "more resources", managing to mix the best information from other financial sites with its services.

{ Thank you, Mike. }


  1. Google should have a feature add to Google Reader. They have Google Calender add, but Google Reader would be good one to get the latest news about the company.

  2. I agree with cgull. It would be a good feature if Google had an "add Google Reader" button or something.

  3. Why not make RSS support for news for my whole portfolio?

    I follow news for all the stocks in my portfolio, and I want a single RSS for ll of those stocks, why should I have to get only one RSS feed from one stock at a time, when its easy to make all of my portfolio available.


  4. Ronen, it sounds like you might be like "Stock Spy". You can automatically subscribe to multiple feeds for each symbol in your portfolio.

    Also, you're not limited to Google Finance... you get Yahoo! Finance, SeekingAlpha, MarketWatch & Google feeds for stocks in your portfolio in a single step.

    This way you don't have to worry about multiple feeds for each symbol. Even though you still read from multiple sources the news for your whole portfolio is grouped nicely by symbol.

    Plus it's oriented towards investors so you can do a lot of nice things like create dynamic charts of the news and automatically highlight stories containing financial keywords (like "Upgrade", "SEC" etc.).


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