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May 30, 2007

Visually Rich Homepage for Google Korea

Google continues to try to increase its local presence in countries where its market share is small. After localizing many products in Russia, building special services for China, now Google focuses on Korea.

One of the first changes is a new homepage for Google Korea (English version) that uses icons to represent the services and provides more information if you hover over the icon. The homepage includes links to search services (images, news, blogs, groups), but also to Gmail, Google Talk, Calendar, Notebook, Toolbar, Desktop and Picasa.

"It was important where our classic minimalism wasn't working that we adapt," explained Marrissa Mayer to Search Engine Land. Asian Internet users want a more visual experience and Google's plain text pages aren't very appealing.


  1. Dunno if it's bad, but I quite like the interface, especially the little poppy things down the bottom!

  2. I wouldn't say that all Asians prefer visually rich interface.
    For example, Japanese most popoular web sites are often rather plain.
    Japanese and Chinese also actively use Chinese characters that have an iconic value themselves.

  3. Still not as good as Google X. :(

  4. the english version is AMAZING.. i realy hope Google present us with the option of choosing a layout like this!!!
    its fantstic!
    anybody know whether this might be possible?



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