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May 5, 2007

Google Gadgets Offered as Rich Media Ads

In February, Google started to test an interesting ad for Gmail that was actually a Google gadget. Now MediaPost reports that Google will allow everyone to advertise in the content network using gadgets. "Although Google executives revealed the beta during a marketing summit for the auto industry, the Gadget Ads will be available to all ad categories by this summer's planned launch."

The gadgets can already be added to iGoogle, Google Desktop and any web page. Their main advantage is they're interactive and content-rich, while being easy to code. Google offers libraries that let you get data from feeds, add tabs, drag & drop and localize a gadget.

Google will host the gadgets ads and offer the option to run the ads with CPC or CPM pricing. Using the integration with Google Analytics, advertisers will be able to measure the performance of each feature of the gadget.

Nial Kennedy says that Google strives to offer more options for advertisers and publishers. "By the end of 2007 Google will offer its traditional text link advertising, display advertising, and interactive gadgets to its huge network of advertisers. AdSense publishers can select the interactive marketing unit that best suits their need, and the Google bidding system can select the most profitable ad content."


  1. Does anybody check on these gadgets first? I mean, i think those can go far enough to eventually make Gmail unusable..

  2. Gmail shows only text ads and I don't think you'll see these gadgets there. One place from Google where you could see the gadget ads is the personalized homepage (iGoogle).

  3. It will be very interesting to see if Google will implement their PPA service w/ this in the future.. I think that is where there could be some huge and really targeted ads say on Myspace pages etc..

  4. Google is trying to offer web based
    application. Why is doing that? Playing against Microsoft?


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