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May 18, 2007

Google Maps Aliases

Sometimes you need to find the same address on Google Maps again and again. Google saves your addresses, so you can just type the first characters and use the autocomplete feature. But wouldn't be nice to assign friendlier name to these long and boring addresses?

It's easy to do that: enter the addresses, followed by the friendly name inside the brackets, like in the screenshot below.

Then when you need to find the same address on the map, type your alias and select the address from the list of suggestions. You can manage the aliases in the "saved locations" section.


  1. This was REALLY helpful when I was planning a college trip a month ago to California. I could quickly tell Google Maps where I wanted to go, and print it out quickly. I printed off two dozen routes for all of the places we went to. Before Google Maps' Saved Locations feature, it took a LOT longer to get the job done.

  2. This is a good tip...thanks...

  3. This is neat.

    But Google Maps still needs a quick & easy way to put an ad hoc ~set~ of markers down on a map, say corresponding to a set of saved locations. That way you wouldn't have to make and print a different map for each place or route, but could see them all on one multi-place map.

    The ability to name and save locations is a good start -- and the multi-place map is a natural next step.

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  5. Not sure if you will get a comment on an old post like this, but I wonder if you know of a way to delete aliases that you have accidentally set? I tried some regular combinations but none seemed to worked.

  6. Click on the arrow next to the search box, select "edit saved locations" and you can delete or edit your aliases.


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