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May 4, 2007

Google Tech Talks Showcase

Dion Almaer created an interface for browsing Google Tech Talks, a series of presentations and conversations about interesting topics that happen at Googleplex.

"One of the great parts of working at Google is that every day there are tech talks that I really want to listen too. More than I can spend the time to actually see. Last week I talked about Philip Wadler of Monad / Generics / general functional fame. Yesterday, Linus showed us his strong opinions. Next week, G. LaForge is in to chat about Groovy. This is a strong subset of the great talks. We record these talks, and place them on Google Video for anyone to see. This is great content, and most don't know it exists," writes Dion on his blog.

Another good think about the tech talks is that most of them have closed captions, so you can search inside them, not only in the description.

Google Tech Talks @ Google Video

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  1. what a great thing these tech talks are!
    I only wish that i could download them, so i can watch more of them by playing them at 1.5x or 2x speed (on VLC media player, of course!).


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