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March 1, 2007

CRM Solution for Google Personalized Homepage

I'm not into CRM, but if you have customers to manage, Etelos developed a set of gadgets for Google Personalized Homepage that let you manage contacts, deal with tasks, write reports, manage appointments and more. There's a free version for personal use and two paid versions that let you share data with other people.

Etelos created this package, that is invitation-only at the moment, for small businesses: "We realize that not every company has a multi-million dollar tech budget to implement a CRM or even content management system. What we have done is create a platform that allows for rapid implementation and customization of Web-based Applications, making them affordable and easy to implement for any size business."

This might address the problem of the lack of features from Google Apps, but you'll have to pay more for all these add-ons. I've noticed that many companies started to write software that addresses things like: Google Calendar synchronization, Gmail backup. Maybe these tools will fill the voids and make Google's offering more attractive.


  1. I HAVE REGISTERED IT, BUT HE WILL ACTIVATED AFTER 24-48 Hrs. after that i will test it and post my opnion.

  2. I would love for Google to integrate their own CRM in some manner.

    My partner and I just visited an Enterprise at work seminar and asked if we could have a CRM with the Enterprise (GSA) and were told not at the moment.

    We just can't afford Salesforce etc...


  3. what about Google Apps Start Pages??

  4. microsoft has left a ton of CRM cash on the table for what... 6 years now? maximizer is the dominant CRM for the financial industry here in canada but it has it's flaws, namely in it's interface and it's inability to export all of your data should you wish to migrate to something better.
    a google CRM solution would empower the little folk, who vastly outnumber the larger enterprises. to me it's a no brainer and i want it yesterday!

  5. p.s. this is another possible:

    the open source edition is free, while the others are painfully expensive (with yearly rates).

  6. I have evaluated Salesforce, Act, Outlook BCM, Microsoft CRM, and Goldmine, looked at sugar and tigercrm. In the end we stayed with Act but I really had to fight off the urge to kill myself as I was making that decision. To date I have found no good solution for small businesses that work efficently across a network, integrate with current software well, and don't cost a fortune. Google, please save me. Bill Gates won't. And custom or highly modified is too expensive.

  7. tazz_ben said...
    To anonymous:

    Shameless plug, but have you tried Heap CRM:

    It is designed for small business and is only $9 for the first user and $5 for each additional user. And to the point of this blog post, it also has a google gadget.

  8. CRM within Google is one of the next big steps Google should do.

    I won't pay for a CRM functionality if Google could provide that kind of CRM-functionality. These Google service would be for free I would imagine.

    If Google could provide a CRM-functionality like or the above mentioned other CRM Systems for free than we will see an eroding market of CMR Service providers.

    Therefore I won't pay the Etelos and any other services.

    Google, please start the CRM engines!

  9. We still use goldmine. Why? Because as far as price per feature, nothing beats it. Why pay a fee when I can own the software? Upgrades? Maybe. But even then I use omnirush with 8 ports for faxing over unlimited lines that cost $35 each. Not having that adds up and up.

  10. I was wondering how to try the personal edition of the google crm? I can only find links to the professional editions...

  11. I agree. Can't find the personal edition. Prices seem to have changed.

  12. Try It has a free CRM for I believe one user and paid for several users to share. Looks pretty good.


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