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March 1, 2007

Common Questions About Google, Yahoo, Microsoft

Google Suggest is a handy way to auto-complete a query by using a database of popular queries. It's also a way to see what people want to know about a particular topic. What do they ask about Google, Yahoo and Microsoft?

People are curious to know if Google Earth shows live images, if Google Checkout is safe. They also wonder if Google is a number, a god or if it's down. Other popular questions: "is Google Toolbar/Google Desktop spyware?", "is Google Maps free?".

Yahoo's questions are mostly related to Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger and most people want to confirm that some Yahoo applications are down.

Google's visitors seem to ask little about Microsoft. The top question: "Is Microsoft Vista good?". They also question if Microsoft is evil, down or a monopoly.

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  1. The results of Yahoo being down crack me up. I run linux and firefox. For a long time Yahoo was the only ones that worked well. Almost all google features work and you'd be surprised how much of Microsquishies stuff works on my OS and browser. Yahoo recently has made many changes to it's system that are very linux UN-friendly. I know we are a small portion of the computing world, but would Yahoo's advertisers like to know that there is a certain percentage of users that can't view Yahoo content at all. I love coming across a Yahoo page that says Macromedia Flash 8 required! Well duh! That's what I'm running. I think in the Google has a far better shot at "uptime" simply because their stuff works cross-platform.


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