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March 1, 2007

Google Partners with LabPixies to Show Gadget Ads

Google started to test a new kind of ads, that are basically Google gadgets. In this example, Google included 4 YouTube videos that promote Gmail and 5 tips, that combine text with images. So the ad is more flexible than other Google ads and gives the user more options and even power tips.

The ad was created by LabPixies, a company that uses gadgets to create ads centered on content. "Our novel approach for marketing ensures that rather than just forcing your content on uninterested users, you can reach an ever-growing users community who are actively searching for content. (...) LabPixies builds campaigns based on your content and tools, which provide the user with a real taste of your product and brand."

It will be interesting to see if Google's collaboration with LabPixies will go beyond this Gmail ad and if Google will start to use gadget-ads to monetize the personalized homepage.

Note that the gadget above is detached from its AdSense context, so I'm not getting paid if you click on the links or play the videos. If you like it so much, you can even add it to your personalized homepage.

{ found by Digital Inspiration }


  1. Lab Pixels has amazing gadgets already for Google, but I didn't know that they were in the commercial business. *takes video*


  2. Does it piss anyone else off that all of the blog content that google puts out is self-referencial in the third person?

    "It will be interesting to see if Google's collaboration with LabPixies will go beyond this Gmail ad and if Google will start to use gadget-ads to monetize the personalized homepage." - Google

    Why not just tell us the damn answer?

  3. This blog is not created/supported by Google.

  4. l also just read from the adsense official blog of google about this article and l saw they gawe u a backlink of your article and its should be very friendly for you:)
    l am also adsense publisher and like all adsense publishers myself also liked the news changes of best pay per click broadcaster of google adsense's new advertisement blocks.
    They are working hard to understand what the advertisers want and how to make them happy with the publishers clicks, from my point of wiew, adsense advertising unit workers also realised that the old wiew of google adsense was becoming unfriendly to the publishers and they become a very apart side of the website they are published. Google is changing this, they are tring to design new templates for their advertisers to let visitors of the adsense publishers pages more good looking and friendly to let them "click" on the advertisement.
    l think adsense advertisers also want this new format. They were also realising they advertisers become very unfamilier with the site. They were also looking for the best position to their ads for maximum response. l think google will giwe more friendly looks to their advertisers to let the visitors "click" on the advertisements...
    Advertisers happy, Publishers happy. Google happy.

  5. Does this mean that Gmail will now have adds that are not simply text-only. One of the things I love about Gmail are the text-only ads. I hate ads, but at least the text ads don't take forever to load and are not too distracting. A big gadget with video and moving images will take away from the simplicity I have come to love about Google and Gmail.

  6. No, this ad promotes Gmail in Google's content network, but the ads shown inside Gmail will continue to be text-only.

    Actually, there's no Google service that uses multimedia ads. YouTube will add video ads this summer.

  7. So annoying! I found this great news feed gadget from labpixies. I embedded it on my site, checked the site later and found that in place of the news feed was a google ad. Checked it all night, was there for literally 12 hours. Horrible!!

  8. The idea of Gadget is a good one but i guess most of the people would be still interested in the old Adsense way.

  9. Till now i don't see google picture adds in my Gmail. i hope not to see it for ever.

  10. something new about Google Gadgets:
    gadgets can now be used to make web pages even more interesting and useful to your visitors. For example, you can add your city’s current temperature or a quote of the day to your own page. Just select the gadget you want from google directory of “gadgets for your webpage,” customize that gadget, and copy-and-paste the HTML into your personal of busniess page's source code. Then, reload to see the gadget on your page.

  11. to remove the bloody ads easily, you can install the google extension called "better gmail", you can find it here


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